Netizens slam Perlis Mufti for neo-Nazi post which ‘glorifies’ Adolf Hitler

JUST when are Malaysians, especially those in positions of authority, are ever going to learn? Anti-Semitism is not acceptable and that is no different from Islamophobia.

In the latest incident highlighting the blinkered view that some take over the current Israel-Hamas conflict, Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin (main pic) posted on X (formerly Twitter): “Adolf Hitler knew them better than us.”

This hateful caption accompanied a video depicting a child searching through lifeless bodies for a particular individual. After finding the person, the child knelt down and kissed the deceased’s face.

Just when will people such as Mohd Asri are ever going to learn or realise that the Nazis during World War II decimated not just Jews but countless other minorities such as gypsies in the name of ethnic cleansing. Hitler and the Nazis were not in any way a Muslim-friendly bunch.

Netizens were swift in condemning his post:

@annoyedmsian asked him to stop commenting on this issue: “You are openly condoning anti-Semitism and the Holocaust which can complicate matters and distort the narrative that this is a Jews versus Muslim fight which is not true. You are proving to the world that Malaysians indeed view this war as a religious one which is a tainted narrative. Stop it.”

Another social media user @auntymarx, commented: “Are you outing yourself as a Nazi? Your anti-semitism is repugnant and a disgrace.”

Netizen @anuarmahyu simply said: “If you support Hitler, you are no better than a Zionist. Even the mufti is misguided and can’t understand simple things like this.”

Referring to survivors of the Holocaust, @ShahHafiz3103 pointed out: “Cruel perception. Many survivors came out against what Israel is doing now.”

Doesn’t Mohd Asri and those who share his blinkered perception realise the spate of Quran-burning incidences in Europe are carried out by neo-Nazis who believe in the same ideals?

During the Second World War (WW2), it was the Jews who were made the scapegoats but now it is the Muslim communities that have grown in many European cities that are being targeted.

This is another example of a message of hatred being perpetuated by a prominent religious figure no less, hence further misleading locals on the on-going conflict in Gaza.

Alongside the recent displays of undisguised anti-Semitism during the Palestine solidarity week in some schools is the reason why so many citizens are concerned and wary of participating in such demonstrations of ‘solidarity’.

Messages of hate must be stopped. It is what perpetuates conflicts and further deepens rifts and schisms even in a country thousands of miles away from the actual war.

While Mohd Asri’s post has been swiftly condemned by many, the unfortunate truth is that many more will agree with his uneducated and – frankly – despicable post. – Nov 9, 2023

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