Netizens slam RPK for claiming to have emulated Prophet Muhammad by migrating to UK

FUGITIVE blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) found himself under siege by netizens in a recent post where he reported that fellow controversial blogger Papagomo or his real name Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris had been detained by the Malaysian police while doing his TikTok livestream on Wednesday (Dec 6).

It doesn’t matter that the cops had denied arresting the former UMNO Youth leader but brickbats were hurled at the now Manchester-based mercenary blogger for associating his sojourn to the UK with that of Prophet Muhammad SAW’s migration from Mecca to Medina to escape persecution.

“That’s why God ordered Prophet Muhammad SAW to migrate to a place where there is freedom of speech,” the now Perikatan Nasional (PN)-inclined blogger tweeted. “And I followed the Sunnah of the Prophet by migrating to England. Following the Sunnah of the Prophet is obligatory for Muslims.”

Founder of think tank EMIR Research Dr Rais Husin Mohamed Ariff was the first to reply to RPK’s tweet by asking him: “How is your whiskey session, bro?”

Netizen Abah (@chairmanGLC) ticked off RPK for comparing himself with the Prophet. “You claim to be following the sunnah to migrate to another place. But Sunnah is all about telling the truth which you don’t wish to follow. This is atrocious,” he chided with eFJei (@mrfirdausjailan) seconding his view.

“Agreed. Hope all religious riders respond to this call for migration. Go migrate and never come back to Malaysia. Together we can develop Malaysia in a more peaceful and harmonious manner.”

Terrence.Dass (@dass_terrence) also hit out at RPK by accusing him as “being slanderous”. “Please do not equate yourself with the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW,” quipped the netizen while Analysis Ke Darat (@AnalysisDarat) clarified that Prophet Muhammad SAW migrated “because he wanted to strengthen the religion and establish a country”.

“But Uncle, you come uninvited and leave at your own will. Whether you’re around or not doesn’t make any difference,” asserted the netizen.

Last but not least, netizens LaPoca (@LaPoca) and Hassan Abu bakar (@HassanA53681343) let the picture of RPK when he was a staunch PKR supporter and a media report cutting of his “disappearance after two warrants of arrest were issued against him” to do the taking. – Dec 8, 2023

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