Netizens support the idea of local council elections in KL

THE idea of holding local council elections (LCE) has been floating around for some time now but there are still some political parties that are against it, while some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have welcomed the call to reinstate the LCE.

For some, LCE is an important check-and-balance mechanism for decision-making to ensure the effective management of a city.

But for the PAS, allowing the local elections means giving the DAP more power.

In a recent post, PAS deputy leader Tuan Man Tuan Ibrahim voiced concerns over the government’s stance on discussing the matter. He said it showed that the government was under the spell of the DAP

“I expressed concern with the statement of the Federal Territories Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa who opened the way for discussions to implement Local Government Elections in Kuala Lumpur.

“This statement by YB Minister seems to show that the Madani government is bowing to DAP’s insistence,” said the PAS X account, citing Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

However, his statement raised the ire of the users on the X platform. They attacked the PAS deputy saying his party was frightened of the prospects of losing big in such council elections.

User @RohimmiNoor said the PAS is endlessly trying to frighten the Malays.

(Endlessly trying to scare the Malays. In a democratic country, elections are normal. But when politicians start riding on religion and race, the people have to reject them.)

(What’s wrong with discussing first? If it’s not good, there’s no need to proceed. But as usual, when it comes to negotiating, some prefer spreading rumours for drama’s sake, isn’t it?)

(What’s the problem with Local Government Elections? Let the local residents vote. Then, observe the local governance – how local facilities are maintained, whether there’s misuse of licenses, whether potholes are fixed on time.

(Why the hesitation? Because… they’re afraid that if it succeeds, they’ll have to do it in Kelantan.) – Dec 23, 2023



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