Netizen’s uncertainty about working in “Malay-dominated” PETRONAS draws netizens’ ire

MOST people would be overjoyed at being offered a job with PETRONAS – the national oil corporation – given that the ranking of Malaysia’s only company in the Fortune Global 500 list rose to 216 in 2022 from the 277th spot in the prior year.

Many feel a sense of great prestige being attached to PETRONAS, not least the sense of patriotism in working for a company so central to the nation’s economy.

But not everyone seems to have those sentiments as shown by an anonymous post shared by X user @meinmokthar.

The post has generated 642,900 views at the time of writing and elicited plenty of responses with some netizens chiding the anonymous poster for not being appreciative or grateful for the opportunity.

Others also pointed out that PETRONAS was a multinational (MNC) and not some two-bit “local company” as the poster put it.

More than few netizens chided the poster for focusing on travel opportunities.

The poster’s observation about a possible toxic working culture due to it being “a Malay-dominated company” also drew negative comments.

The poster’s seemingly limited knowledge and disparaging remarks about PETRONAS also left more than a few netizens fuming.

It beggars belief that someone with such a limited world view would have gotten a job offer from a Fortune 500 company. As some netizens hinted, perhaps the poster was being offered a lowly menial position.

One netizen summed it up quite succinctly by suggesting the poster strike it out on his/her own. – Jan 23, 2024

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