Netizens urge gov’t to eliminate MPs, Ministers’ pensions first

PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim recently announced the replacement of the pension scheme for civil servants has been studied for a long time to avoid the risk of bankruptcy for the country and problems for future generations.

“With the cost of living and salaries not increasing, the government remains committed to increasing the wage rate of civil servants in our country,” said Anwar.

The decision to eliminate pensions for recruits in the civil service raised a lot of opposing voices from both the public in general and the political class, be they in the government or in the opposition.

In a survey on the X platform, the voice of the people is heard. They want the government to tackle the big problem of pensions for the MPs and Ministers.

The survey asked: “What do you think about the replacement of the pension scheme for civil servants?”

The poll which garnered 12,000 votes is tight, with the three choices getting the following responses: Sistem caruman lebih baik 43.6%. Neutral, kita lihat dulu 26.4%. Perbaiki sistem pencen 30%.

What it tells us is that there is support for the government to address the pension system. But some of the netizens are urging the government to look into the pensions for MPs and ministers first.

Others were offering their solutions to the proposed changes, including using the EPF as a safety net for civil servants. – Feb 4, 2023

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