Netizens vent frustration at supermarket staff for selling subsidised cooking oil to foreigners

A VIDEO uploaded on X (formerly Twitter) by @nanmanjoi8715 has raised the ire of local netizens. It shows staff at an unspecified supermarket selling subsidised cooking oil to foreigners when this was strictly prohibited by government regulations.

In the video, other customers also joined in to ask why this was allowed when the subsidies were supposed to help only locals.

The many comments also reflect the increased frustration many Malaysians are feeling over the increased cost of living. The overriding sentiment seem to be that the subsidies are not reaching its intended target, benefitting instead foreigners.

Netizen @cendoi_pulut reckoned that weak enforcement to curb the sale of subsidised items to foreigners has resulted in such incidents.

“The higher-ups did not think of ways to overcome the problem, only as far as giving ideas. In the end, there is no change and it has worsened for the people,” he lamented.

Another netizen @Nour_Xairain called on all parties to work together to ensure subsidised items reach only Malaysians.

“No need to wait for enforcement, we should play a role be it the cashier, customer or a seller because subsidy is the right of every Malaysians,” he added.

The unity government has best get its act together and respond to this issue. The Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry should come up with concrete proposals on how to overcome this problem.

This could be as simple as making it mandatory for customers to produce their ICs (identity cards) when buying these subsidised items.

After all, these are very real bread and butter issues affecting all Malaysians but hits those in the B40 segment especially hard. It is such issues that will determine the fate of the unity government – not grandstanding on the international stage nor making huge donations to causes in faraway lands.

This video is a clear example of the frustrations experienced by many Malaysians. To the powers that be, ignore it at your own peril. – Nov 15, 2023

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