Netizens want Akka Nasi Lemak Viral proprietor to rest her body, mind & soul – at least once a week

EVEN as they miss her food, moral support is pouring in for Sangeetha Manimalar – the iron lady behind the “Akka Nasi Lemak Viral” craze – to take a break from her laborious routine of dishing out as many as “500 (weekdays) to 900 (weekends) pax of servings”.

Loving her ‘personal touch’ coconut milk rice till willing to queue up under the scorching sun is one thing, but even then, netizens remined the mother of two boys whose 10-year-old business shot to the stars recently that at the end of the day, ‘health is wealth’ that nobody except the cook herself has to treasure.

It must be mentioned that even amid her brisk business, Sangeetha, 34, has made it a point to keep her humility intact – an attitude that has made her endearing to her multi-racial customers, some of whom have travelled as far north as Perlis and as far south as Johor to savour her cooking.

Not your typical roadside makcik nasi lemak, Sangeetha who opted out half-way through her hotel management course at Sunway University because of financial constraints is business savvy, has the gift of gab and always prioritise customer service and food quality – all of which are hidden ingredients that makes her nasi lemak ‘extra nourishing’ and ‘worth dying for’.

Vanakam (‘Greetings’ in Tamil), sister. Please rest well during your off-day. One advice, please take a shop lot nearby a.s.a.p. to upgrade your business. You are doing well. God bless,” penned TikToker shanthi1818 in response to Sangeetha announcing her off-day which happens to fall today (May 18) and May 28.

Netizen JIHARE COLLECTIONS reminded Sangeetha to look after her health by having a proper rest and not to be unduly worried for God is by her side; azizulha_ dedicated a Tamil song to her while JacquelynTee wanted the enterprising lady to “take a day off to rest, calm herself and plan for the best”.

“Take care, sister for you deserve a break. Come back stronger” was the wish extended by Nila Palan while Nesh suggested that Sangeetha fixes her off-day so that she can better ensure her health is in tip-top shape.

To this, Karthik Karunanithi mooted the idea of Sangeetha fixing her off-day every Monday so that she need not have to inform her potential customers all the time via her TikTok account which has amassed 108,400 followers and 712,400 likes at the time 0f writing.

And to sum up, Rajelango18 wanted Sangeetha to shift her mindset to become a full-fledge entrepreneur. “Enlarge your business, opportunity will strike once in life, so grab it and utilise it accordingly,” added the netizen. – May 18, 2023


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