Netizens wonder why the Arts stream is perceived to be for academically-poor students

IT IS an age-old classification: The brighter students will be ushered into the Science stream while the less academically-inclined pupils are dumped into the Arts stream.

The perception is that only those with strong academic results will be able to manoeuvre the mine field of ‘difficult’ subjects such as Additional Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Despite the world being in the grip of IR 4.0, it does seem that this age-old prejudice towards Arts subjects is still prevalent in Malaysia. This was the considered opinion of a netizen using the handle @akifbasri who vented his frustration at such outmoded thinking.

His post was shared on the Malaysia Education Info (And Homeschooling Too) Facebook forum which generated a lively discussion. Here is a sample of the comments.

Some netizens recounted their own struggles to enter the arts stream due to having greater interests in the subjects.

More than a few said such outmoded thinking needed to change to allow students to decide for themselves what suited them best.

Others were more critical stating there persists the notion that the Arts stream was easier. They argued that such thinking has to change.

More than a few netizens pointed out that the science stream is no guarantee of success in careers.

Few commented that a change of mindset was required among both educators and parents who are too focussed on ‘paper’ results.

Many netizens also shared the view that real-life skills offered in TVET (technical and vocational training) institutions better prepare students to earn a handsome living upon graduation.

What is clear is that times have certainly changed and such arbitrary classifications need to be adjusted to suit changing economic climate.

What say you FocusM readers? – Jan 23, 2024


Main pic credit: BFM

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