New trend emerges in Malaysia as drivers skip toll payments

RECENTLY, a woman was caught not paying her toll fares, an offence she committed over 45 times, and the highway management requested her to pay back the money she owed them. Mind you, she was driving a Mercedes.

Now it appears that many are following in this lady’s footsteps. They would tailgate the car ahead of them and proceed to drive along with them to avoid making the toll payments. The toll gates would not close if you were tailgating another vehicle because the two vehicles would be registered as one.

A viral video circulating on Twitter captured footage of reckless drivers attempting to evade tolls. The video, captured by a car’s rear camera, shows one driver closely tailgating a customer who was paying their toll fare in an attempt to pass through for free.

The paying customer stood firm and blocked the other car from passing without paying. The driver ahead stalled the car behind after paying the toll, and when the driver of the tailgating car attempted to exit his car, the driver ahead quickly drove away, causing the toll gates to close immediately.

Netizens are tagging the authorities on Twitter for this behavior.

In lieu, user @ThisIsFatin stated that the traffic police should educate the general public to stop this behaviour. This is a dangerous act as you might hit another car for nothing. This can also create a provocation among drivers on the highways, which are already dangerous enough as it is.

User @nrhytrjb added:

(Not only did this disrespectful driver not have the money to pay for the toll fares, but he was also rude and wanted to pick a fight. She suggested for drivers like this have a sticker placed on their windshield that would state “I can’t afford to pay tolls”.)

Meanwhile, user @SyurgaKe7 said:

Translating his words, this user expressed confusion over the mentality of refusing to pay tolls.

He pointed out that if someone can afford to purchase a car and fuel it, they should also be able to afford to pay tolls, which typically cost only a few Ringgit.

He also acknowledged that there are more people with this mentality than one might think, but emphasised that there is understanding for those who may have accidentally forgotten to bring their TouchNGo cards and can easily address the issue with toll managers. — Jan 22, 2023


Main photo credit: SoyaCincau

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