New twist in Malaysia’s boycott craze: Call for biz premises to impose entry ban on Firdaus Wong

A TIT for tat, perhaps. Or give him a taste of his own medicine.

Probably aghast by the role of the Muslim convert preacher Firdaus Wong Wai Hung in the sock-gate controversy which leads to a mega boycott of 24-hour convenience store chain KK Super Mart, a group of so-called “digital creators” have initiated an entry ban call to their business premises and probably by extension, those belonging to others on the former yesterday (March 28).

Somehow imitating the boycott of Pro-Zionist businesses in light of cruelty inflicted by Israeli military forces on Palestinians in the West Bank, poor execution due to perhaps hasty coordination, however, has somehow led to the man targeted to be barred entry having the last laugh instead.

Due to the let-down, it is the man instrumental in exposing socks bearing Allah inscription at a Bandar Sunway KK Super Mart outlet on March 13 who cheekily welcomed more entry bans for he can even “help promote business premises that bar him from entering”.

“(Poster) W.H Heng forbade me to enter his premises in Penang and Damansara even though I’m not aware and may never ever step foot into his premises,” teased the Multiracial Reverted Muslims (MRM) president in a recent social media post.

“After I helped share his status, he immediately deleted or hid his post. I’m not sure if he’s strong enough to see through his plan to ban me when I start helping him to promote his premises instead. So unthoughtful of him to leave Dragano Mike Toh (the person who re-posted W.H. Heng’s status) in a frenzy.”

Joke aside, Firdaus who himself still owns Malay language news portal The Merdeka Times and the Merdeka Motorhome contended that “it’s his (W.H. Heng) right as the owner of the premises to boycott anyone”.

“He isn’t even a racist to initiate the boycott exercise. He has every right to freedom of speech and human rights,” asserted the Jinjang-born Firdaus who converted to Islam on Aug 10, 2005.

“So, I ask him (W.H. Heng) and his friends who commented in this post to please list their premises so that I don’t enter while helping them to promote their premises. Friends out there who want to help them promote their business, please do the necessary. Helping each other is a noble practice”.

Moral of the story is perhaps W.H. Heng and his buddies may need to go back to the drawing board to re-strategise their call to ban Firdaus from their business premises in the future. – March 29, 2024

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