Newspaper story on quality of local education gets netizens talking

A POST shared on the Malaysian Education Info (& Homeschooling too) Facebook site has gotten plenty of responses. This was unsurprising given that it was a forum dedicated to education, and the highlighted newspaper headline was provocative and depressing in equal measures.

The front page story in the New Straits Times proclaimed that the Malaysian education system is the worst in ASEAN.

The original poster lamented the drop in standards and the prevailing attitude of students who no longer see the value of formal education. He advocated the reintroduction of UPSR and PMR exams to tackle the issue whereby students proudly show off failed grades on social media.

Here is what other netizens on the forum had to say.

The suggested re-introduction of exams was met with mixed responses.



This being Malaysia, it did not take long for the issue of race to rear its head.

More than one netizen also queried the over-emphasis on religious studies.

The overworked or underpaid teachers were also put forward as a reason.

One netizen, however, seemed to have a water-proof solution.

The varied responses show how complex an issue this is, but make no mistake, the problem is real, as not one netizen denied this. In fact, everyone lamented the deteriorating standards of the public education system.

PMX has made the above headline. Will a viable solution be proffered? – Jan 31, 2023



Main photo credit: British Council Malaysia

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