Nga Kor Ming wants public toilets in Malaysia to meet “BMW” standards

WHILE the exuberance of re-appointed Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook and Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh with regard to carrying out their ministerial responsibilities need little mention, that of Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming – three of DAP’s four Cabinet members in the unity government – has been hardly tested given this is his maiden ministerial portfolio.

Therefore, the Teluk Intan MP deserves praises for putting in effort to emulate his two exemplary party comrades by conducting a spot check on the cleanliness of public toilets in Dataran Merdeka soon after clocking out from office yesterday (Jan 3).

This follows public complaints on the state of public toilets there. Generally, the DAP national vice chairman described the level of cleanliness of Dataran Merdeka’s public toilets as quite satisfactory with its lighting system working well.

“However, I found that the ceiling of the men’s public toilet was damaged, the hand soap was not re-filled and the tap was not working,” he penned in his latest Facebook posting.

“I would like to point out that the cleanliness of public toilets is closely related to the image of the country, especially in the main tourist destinations or gateways to our country.

“Doubtlessly, “BMW” standard public toilets namely Bersih (clean), Menawan (attractive) and Wangi (fragrant) will go a long way to increase the positive perception of the people towards the local authorities (PBT).”

On this note, Nga hopes that all the 155 local authorities across the country can establish public toilet hygiene monitoring units to carry out maintenance work according to schedule to ensure that public toilets throughout the country are always in a clean, well-functioning and orderly condition.

“In my survey last night, I also found some problems that need to be fixed around Dataran Merdeka, namely the ‘bald’ and less than perfect lawn, the underground business premises that are now in a dilapidated state and the electrical switch boxes that are not properly closed, hence endangering the safety of visitors,” he remarked.

“I will meet with the Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Seri Mahadi Che Ngah in the near future. The Local Government Development Ministry under my leadership will find the best solution so that infrastructure or public facilities built with the people’s money can be looked after and maintained properly and always be in a satisfactory condition.”

A good start indeed but perhaps Nga should also lend an ear to the following request by Mei Ezed for the local authorities to consider “building more ladies toilets” or to Lilian Hop who complained about empty soap dispensers at the Penang International Airport and that “maybe eight cubicles and floors are always wet, not sure if urine or water as the toilets stink”. – Jan 4, 2023

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