NGO blames the West for Aman Palestin fund seizure, sparks netizen backlash

PALESTINE Liberation Solidarity Coalition (GSPP) chairman Muhammad Fauzi Asmuni did not rule out the possibility that the recent ‘attack’ on Aman Palestin Bhd (Aman Palestin) had Western hands behind it.

He is of the opinion that the ‘attacks’ will not stop there but will spread to other non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

This is because he claimed it is a strategy to fulfil the West’s wishes to prevent any aid to pro-Hamas organisations in Palestine.

“What is happening now is an attempt to discredit and lose the trust of the Malaysian community.

“For me, it is completely unfounded because the Palestinian issue is not a new issue and the assistance of Malaysians there has been going on for decades as well as assistance from the government,” he said.

Moreover, he appealed to the people to trust the bodies that have provided aid to the Palestinian people in addition to guaranteeing that the donations channelled to the GSPP will be delivered to Palestine.

He also noted that there is malicious propaganda targeting Malaysians, who should believe that public donations through non-governmental organisations (NGOs) do not reach the Palestinian people.

Netizens however are finding the explanations offered by the NGOs hard to believe. There is an ongoing investigation into the Aman Palestin group. Gold bars are said to have been seized. The NGO is also said to have been involved in businesses that allegedly used up donations.

Furthermore, the NGO decried the accusations as a political ploy against certain individuals but the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is still investigating Aman Palestin.

Many internet users, like netizen @shaguramigoreng believe that the NGO brought this turmoil on itself.

(You yourselves are the evil propagators. Who uses donation money for investment purposes in other companies and then gets caught? Westerners, huh? Your shamelessness knows no bounds.)

(You collect public donations, but you don’t undergo audits every year, why? While companies undergo audits every year, this public asset must be known to the donors.)

Moreover, netizen @BeruangTed said:

(Bro, people donate for Palestine, not for doing business or buying Bitcoin and such. Keep it simple. No need for you to associate it with the West if you yourself are not trustworthy.) – Dec 9, 2023



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