No fireworks at KLCC understandable but not last minute announcement

GIVEN that Malaysians have been very vocal in its support of Palestine in the on-going Israel-Hamas conflict, it was perfectly understandable that there were no fireworks display at the KLCC The Place to usher in the new year.

Many praised the organisers for their empathy.

However, quite a few netizens asked why the organisers did not announce this earlier to avoid disappointment among tourists and visitors who had made prior arrangements to enjoy new year festivities at KLCC.

More than a few international tourists expressed their disappointment:

Given that the conflict in Gaza has been going on for months and the organisers had probably already envisioned a cancellation of festivities, it must be said that a much earlier announcement would have been much appreciated by the many visitors.

This is not the first time that celebrations and any form of public entertainment has been deemed inappropriate given the unfolding humanity crisis in Gaza.

But the question that needs to be asked is the economic cost of such shows of empathy, alongside the on-going boycotts against brands with links to Israel.

How long can Malaysians really keep this up? – Jan 1, 2024

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