No jackpot but misery for Maybank customer after hundreds of millions mistakenly find their way into her account

EVER notice you constantly get endless calls from financial institutions trying to tempt you into a myriad of new offerings that can range from insurance schemes to credit cards?

Calls are even more frequent should you – lo and behold – fail to pay your credit card on time! But it’s a totally different matter when trying to resolve an issue even if the mistake is of the bank’s own making and had nothing to do with the customer.

This was the experience of one unfortunate Maybank customer who shared her unpleasant experience on LinkedIn. Hadfizah Abdullah had found over RM400 mil mistakenly deposited into her account and the bank had frozen her account.

What was extremely annoying is that Maybank saw no need to call or message Hadfizah over the matter unlike when they have a new promo to shove down customers’ throats.

“Now Maybank decided to block my account without any calls, message or notification at all. To unlock it, I had to visit the nearest Maybank branch and the officer had to call customer service to unblock it – which took forever & this is not my mistake!” she vented her frustrations on LinkedIn.

“Talk about a glitch that takes work ethic and customer service (who directs me to other branches, calling customer services that take forever) to a whole new level of inconvenience!”

Thankfully, Hadfizah acknowledged that the so-called glitch has been rectified after Maybank’s executive vice-president and head of group customer experience management Shaikh Munir Ahmad got in touch with her.

Many other LinkedIn users took the opportunity to share similar bad experiences:

While it acknowledged that a senior management figure from Maybank did reach out to Hadfizah and the matter has been resolved, the question that begs to be asked is why financial institutions spend millions on branding and yet allow such snafus to occur.

Interestingly, Hadfizah who is a director and co-founder of Malaysia HR Forum took the opportunity to offer her firm’s services to improve the bank’s dire customer care.

Given the number of negative comments in her post, maybe Maybank and other financial institutions should seriously consider taking her up her offer – at least to learn a thing or two about the frustration that its customer has gone through. – Dec 1, 2023

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