Offer of amnesty could solve much of the current illegal migrant problem

MALAYSIA, a nation renowned for its allure to foreigners, witnesses a surge in migration, both legal and illegal, driven by economic prospects. For the migrants, it is a new gold rush with its deceptions, rights violations and heavy-handed treatment by the authorities.However, many fall prey to human trafficking or exploitation by unscrupulous agents promising employment.The recent immigration crackdown highlights the country’s struggle to manage undocumented migrants, with discussions emerging on the need for containment facilities.Despite efforts, like the recent raids across the nation, the nation grapples with the ineffectiveness of its punitive measures.Amid the sporadic crackdowns against the pervasive presence of unauthorised migrants, they persist and this underscores systemic inadequacies in the country’s system and the need for comprehensive reform.Addressing the longstanding issue demands a humane and sustainable approach, steering away from heavy-handed tactics.The Selangor Wholesale Market raid last night (Feb 2) underscores the complexity of managing foreign labour and the imperative for holistic solutions aligned with Malaysia’s developmental aspirations.Malaysia’s influx of illegal migrants poses multifaceted challenges, ranging from human rights violations to economic strains. The estimated two million undocumented migrants strain resources and expose vulnerabilities in the country’s immigration system.While raids and punitive measures target illegals, they often exacerbate the plight of migrants, driving them further into the shadows.A balanced approach is imperative, integrating enforcement with pathways to regularisation and addressing root causes such as labour demand and exploitation by unscrupulous agents.

Malaysia, under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, aspires for inclusive growth and social justice.In addressing the issue of illegal migrants and proposing an amnesty solution, it’s pertinent to mention the stance of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition, led by Anwar.The PH government, with its purported commitment to human rights and social justice, has the opportunity to implement compassionate and pragmatic policies regarding undocumented migrants.Additionally, it could underscore how offering amnesty aligns with PH’s principles and serves as a progressive approach to addressing the challenges posed by illegal migration while upholding Malaysia’s reputation on the global stage.The author is a writer who has campaigned for the Reformasi movement in Malaysia since 1998, formerly with Islam Online. – Feb 3, 2024


Main photo credit: AFP

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