Old Fox and Black Eye should stop the theatrics and join a retirement home!

DON’T you think the recent move by our Opposition MPs is nothing but an act of sheer brilliance and a clear demonstration of what they are really made of?

After all, we are in the midst of a pandemic and have identified a more troubling variant (Delta), which can spread faster than a bushfire.

So, what is there to fear? Let us all gather around, endanger our lives and a million others – just for some cheap publicity and political theatrics.

Never mind the millions who are boiling under their collars looking at the utter stupidity. It is fine, just blame the Government for the spread of COVID-19. Nothing wrong in what we are doing right?

Just vote us back into power – we have the numbers after all – the same numbers we have been talking about since the last century!

That’s right – vote us back into power so we can appoint the Old Fox to lead us again. Well, I am sure he would not backstab us again, right?

We are pretty sure the Old Fox would not resign again, with confidence that the rakyat would go begging him to come back.

After all, the Old Fox has claimed a million times that he just wants to retire, but the people just won’t let him.

Yes, that’s right. The people revere the Old Fox more than anything else in the world! Almost a century old and the nonagenarian is still living in this great fantasy world – everyone loves me!

Next, we have the Mr Black Eye, who is forever waiting to become a prime minister. I wonder what rabbits does he plans to pull out if ever he becomes the premier.

After all, Black Eye is backed by some very “honest, hardworking” businessmen with such clean track records, right?

Seek forgiveness from the Creator

The only agenda Black Eye has is to seek revenge on the Old Fox, which the latter clearly knows. That is why Black Eye will never become the prime minister, as long as the Old Fox lives.

The corruption trail for the Old Fox runs longer than the Nile River and it involves his whole family. No way the Old Fox is going to let Black Eye become prime minister and risk his family being put behind bars.

What a drama indeed! Old Fox, Black Eye and a bunch of comedians are all coming together – brothers in arms – for a few moments of so-called glory…or is it utter foolishness?

Will they ever learn?

To the brainy ones like Nurul Izzah Anwar, Hannah Yeoh and Anthony Loke – please open your mouths and tell these goons that people are dying, have no food and have lost incomes.

People are jumping off buildings, off bridges – so do we really give a damn about politics now?

Stop harassing the Government for now and let them finish what they started – the aid programmes, the vaccination and others to help people out of their predicament.

Wait for the next polls and let the people decide – but please choose anyone but the Old Fox and Black Eye! Elect younger, smarter and better leaders.

As for the Old Fox, Black Eye and their hardcore supporters, please register yourselves in a retirement home and pray to the good Lord for repentance – seek forgiveness for all the nonsense you have done and maybe the Creator will show you some mercy.

We Malaysians have had enough of this nonsense! And please Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, stay put in Gua Musang. We do not need an interim supervillain now…I mean superhero! – Aug 3, 2021.


Mohd Ariffin Zainal is a contributor to FocusM.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

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