One Doc launches new beauty machine, training programme for beauticians

1 Doc Group of Companies (One Doc) has recently launched the latest and most advanced Pico-Pulse beauty machine ever developed in Korea for the Malaysia market.

The ONE DOC – PICO 250 is a collaboration between One Doc with Won Tech Co., Ltd. (WonTech), a public-listed company from Korea.

Concurrently, the company has also launched its training programme conducted by a beauty specialist from Korea for local beauticians.

One Doc is an accredited National Dual Training System (NDTS) centre by the Department of Skills Development of the Human Resources Ministry and will run under its One Doc Academy.

The NDTS is a training technique that relies on an industry-driven approach and is carried out through cooperative efforts between businesses and training institutions.

The training provided under NDTS involves two different learning environments, with 70% of the focus being on practical training in real workplaces and the remaining 30% on theoretical education.

The launch was attended by Human Resources Minister V. Sivakumar and One Doc group chairman Tengku Datuk Seri Baderul Zaman Ibni Almarhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah.

Talk of the town

ONE DOC – PICO 250 is the latest and most advanced beauty machine developed in Korea with new functions not available in previous PICO Pulse machines.

The machine’s new 5P features include Pulse Duration, Powerful Photoacoustic Effects, Precise, Painless and Pulse-Induced Optical Breakdown (PIOB).

In terms of Pulse Duration, the ONE DOC – PICO 250 is the fastest in the world as the pulse duration is very much shorter compared to its predecessors.

Due to the shorter pulse duration, it offers powerful photoacoustic effects and selectively targets pigmentation with extreme precision.

While the pulse duration is the fastest yet, the process is painless as the short duration of the pulses creates lesser heat and damage to the surrounding tissue. This lessens the risks of complication to the user, which is good news for beauty enthusiasts as well as first-time users.

The PIOB is introduced to better break down pigmentation and increase collagen production at the same time by helping both ladies and men to achieve firmer, smoother and clearer skin.

The ONE DOC – PICO 250’s benefits are numerous. It uses less energy for more results, less pigment with more rejuvenation, less time but with precision, and less downtime for more upsides.

The machine is suitable to use on all genders and skin types, including those with sensitive skin or skin issues.

The one place to upskill 

One Doc Academy offers training for beauticians on ways to use the ONE DOC – PICO 250 by receiving proper skin analysis and consultation from both well-trained Korean professionals and local consultants.

The training will be conducted physically and includes theory and practical sessions as well as on-site physical training for a period of three months.

Apart from learning the ONE DOC – PICO 250 Pico-Pulse beauty machine, they will also learn other subjects including face electrotherapy, manual facial services and other machine services through the use of the latest techniques and technologies.

Through the training programme, beauticians can upskill their skillsets and enhance their professionalism which will make them competent when it comes to facing challenges in the beauty market and be on par with over 80,000 professionals in the industry.

Upon completing the training programme, beauticians will receive a certification recognised internationally by the Department of Skill Development (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran or JPK) of the Human Resources Ministry.

With this certification, beauticians will have better job opportunities within the beauty industry.

“One Doc is excited to launch the ONE DOC – PICO 250 Pico-Pulse beauty machine and training programme for beauticians in Malaysia,” said One Doc Group of Companies founder/CEO Dr Michael Ong.

“Our mission is to equip beauticians with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the beauty industry and provide them with the latest technology and techniques.

“The ONE DOC – PICO 250 Pico-Pulse machine is the latest innovation in the beauty industry and is ideal for anyone looking to take their skills to the next level.”

The Human Resources Ministry is currently contemplating adding the ONE DOC – PICO 250 technology to the current NOSS – Field of Beauty, Part S96, Field: Beauty Therapy since it is a novel technology.

“The ministry believes it is essential to establish standards and accreditation for emerging sectors that undergo technological transformation,” Sivakumar acknowledged.

“These standards should guarantee that high-quality training is provided, and the training should be comprehensive and practical enough to cover accredited treatments.

“The modular approach will provide a robust vocational training foundation that will enable Malaysia to emerge as a leader and hub of beauty excellence in the region.”

According to Sivakumar, the training programme is also a stepping stone to transform Malaysia into the next best Beauty Tourism destination in the world that is on par with Korea.

“Our advantage is that our costs are lower and hence will be one of the major attractions to get more tourists into our country which in turn will further boost the Malaysian economy,” the minister remarked.

“I truly acknowledge One Doc’s noble efforts in bringing world-class knowledge and machine from Korea for the benefit of the beauty industry in Malaysia.”

The training programme is only available at One Doc Academy in Puchong Selangor. This programme is open to anyone interested in the beauty industry and passionate about developing their skills and knowledge.

Trainers from Korea will visit One Doc Academy annually to conduct the training.

One Doc’s launch of the ONE DOC – PICO 250 Pico-Pulse beauty machine and training programme for beauticians is a significant step in advancing the Malaysian beauty industry.

The beauty machine and training programme is expected to provide more job opportunities, enhance the beauty industry’s quality, and make Malaysia a preferred beauty tourism spot.

For more information, visit the One Doc Group at – May 24, 2023

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