Online satirist on e-Madani handout draws guffaws

AN ONLINE satirist going by the moniker of Harun Mohd Shah has elicited loud guffaws from netizens with his sarcastic take on e-Madani handout.

The video uploaded on Tik Tok (@harunshah1991) shows the young comedian dressed as a hardcore PAS supporter calling on his brethren to not accept the unity government’s recent handout.

Calling it paltry, he mimics an over-zealous ultra-conservative spewing conspiracy theories stating that anyone accepting this handout will allow the unity government to spy on them while passing motion.

At the end of the video though, the protagonist is seen chatting with a friend over the phone asking if the cash was in, lamenting that he had yet to receive his cut.

Harun Shah’s hilarious take on Malaysian hypocrisy got plenty of laughs and close to 2,000 comments. These are just a smidgen of a sample:

Great to see a young man daring to poke fun at the ultra-conservatives with a dash of satire.

Local comedy is in good hands with the likes of Harun Mohd Shah.

As they say in Malaysia, kippidap (keep it up … – Dec 6, 2023

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