Online scams cost M’sians RM52 mil in 3 months

MALAYSIANS have lost RM52.4 mil to online fraud syndicates according to the National Scam Response Center (NSRC), Online scams are a rapidly growing problem, and more Malaysians are falling prey to these malicious schemes, resulting in significant financial losses. This trend is concerning, as the impact on individuals’ financial well-being can be devastating.The threat of online scams is increasing as fraudsters become more sophisticated in their methods. This has led to a surge in victims losing their savings to these criminal organisations.Malaysians have been  urged to remain vigilant and take precautionary measures to protect themselves against online scams.Last year, scammers managed to swindle almost half a billion ringgit from Malaysians, with RM415 mil lost in the first seven months of 2022.

The rising trend of online fraud is alarming and requires immediate attention.The NSRC and other relevant authorities must work together to combat these criminal activities, educate the public on how to avoid becoming victims, and provide assistance to those who have fallen prey to these malicious schemes.

Integrated Operations Division of the National Financial Crime Prevention Center (NFCC) director Md Zainizam Mat Jenu said during the 2023 National Anti Scam Tour at Menara CelcomDigi here on Saturday (Feb 18) that the records of the RM52.4 mil lost were based on all reports received from October 2022 to last January.He said that during that period, the NSRC had received 16,752 calls of which 6,277 were complaints about online fraud cases.“The results of the report also found that 12,877 bank accounts were suspected as donkey accounts.“I would like to remind those who deliberately sell or rent their accounts to these syndicate parties, if anything happens, you can be charged in court,” he said.Md Zainizam added that the existence of the donkey account gave some difficulty to the authorities in tracking the syndicate because it could eliminate their criminal traces.In another development, he stated that the government is now trying to create an act for the management of the syndicate’s property, which was successfully frozen.“If it is successfully approved, the assets will be used by the government for the welfare of the country,” he explained. — Feb 19, 2023

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