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Sometimes, exam results can tell you a lot about a school, and with the Peninsula International School (PISA), this cannot be more true. PISA’s assignment and exam-based curriculum has long been associated with academic excellence, and its 2020 exam results is a testament to its incredible journey. The recent exam results have revealed that all PISA’s final year students have graduated top 30% in the world, while its top student Kwan Juin Hao – with an ATAR score of over 90 – graduated top 10% in the world. ATAR – or Australian Tertiary Admission Rank – is the primary criterion for entry into most undergraduate-entry university programmes in Australia, and is the equivalent of the British A-Levels.


Why Choose PISA?

As the first school in Malaysia to offer the Victorian Curriculum for primary and secondary education from Foundation to Year 12, the Peninsula International School Australia (PISA) opened its doors in the award-winning township of Setia Alam, Selangor in January 2018. Boasting a purpose-built campus supported by a full range of facilities, PISA’s infrastructure is designed to ensure an optimal study experience for all its students.

What’s more, with a curriculum that is delivered through partnerships with the prestigious Peninsula Grammar of Mount Eliza in Victoria, Australia, PISA is the only Australian school established in Malaysia, and represent an additional choice to the burgeoning expatriate population in the country.

In line with delivering the Victorian Curriculum, PISA adheres to strict guidelines set by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCCA).It is audited by VCAA and monitored by Peninsula Grammar, which upholds an excellent track record in Australia. Needless to say, PISA adheres to the highest standards of education associated with Peninsula Grammar’s long tradition of academic excellence.

The school’s broad range of teaching strategies allows each student to be guided based on their personal needs and learning styles, while its experienced and well-trained staff are stringently selected for an uncompromised quality of education. Meanwhile, PISA’s expansive and vibrant co-curriculum programme goes on to highlight the importance of outside classroom activities as a crucial part of learning.

Still unconvinced about why you should begin the journey of your lifetime with PISA? Enquire with the school’s Admission Team at 011-3975 0890, write to
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