Outrage erupts online against parents of 8 ‘basikal lajak’ boys in Sam Ke Ting tragedy

WHILE the lawyers are debating in court whether Sam Ke Ting, the clerk condemned in what is popularly known as the basikal lajak case, is responsible for the tragic events, Malaysians on Twitter are unanimous in saying the parents are responsible.

Since the case is still ongoing, it has sparked fresh responses online, in particular from Twitter users.

User @krueldh said:

The user is asking who is really responsible for the tragedy.

“If Sam Ke Ting is guilty, the mother and father of the boys should be dragged to court too.. you defend (yourselves) in front of the judge whether It is not your fault your sons went out at 3 in the morning.”

For most of the users on the channel, it is not conceivable that parents are not aware of what their children are doing in the middle of the night. They also questioned the fact that the kids were using ‘modified bicycles.”

The user questions the reasoning behind the judgement given against Sam. She asked whether Sam was driving in the wrong lane or direction. This is not the case, she insists, thus questioning the ‘reckless driving’ explanation.

Moreover, user @nurulamirah666 added:

“Driving recklessly, what’s that about? It is not that she is driving in the wrong lane. Why did the boys went to ride the bicycles on the main road at 3 in the morning?”

Meanwhile, user ParkJim123456 sums up his beliefs as follows:

Since the user is using local slang, a rough translation shows that he is saying the story is like this: “Didn’t you hit the boys to death? If that is so, you are guilty.. for the parents, why did they let their children go at 3am in the morning? This one needs counselling.. it’s wrong but no punishment needs to be meted out by the law.” — April 1, 2023


Main photo credit: World of Buzz

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