Overhauling M’sia’s road freight market by driving digital transformation

SHELL and digital road freight platform Ezyhaul are partnering to further transform the Malaysian freight market. Equipped with over 60 years of global fleet management experience, Shell combines their expertise in mobility solutions with Ezyhaul’s digital freight capabilities.

The partnership seeks to build a relationship with its customers by learning about their fleet management problems and by providing solutions for issues related to safety, maintenance, and fuel consumption using telematics, mobility services, and others.

“The freight industry is relatively analogu, with operations being managed without the use of online platforms,” Shell Fleet Solutions Asia general manager Zain Hak pointed out.

“Amid the rising concept of digitalisation Shell aims to drive the future of mobility to address the various pressure points for both shippers and transporters.”

Manual booking of shipments, limited real-time visibility on delivery status, lack of reliable and consistent data for analysis and improvement, difficulties to measure, manage and control vendor performance, billing inaccuracies and lack of data integration are some of the common challenges companies are facing when running an outsourced transport operation.

Besides these, transporters are also faced with issues such as under capacity and empty backhaul issues.

However, digital and technology disruptions are starting to bring about a positive change. According to Frost and Sullivan, effective data use can help fleet managers increase productivity by 10-15%, cut fuel expenses (20-25%) and reduce vehicle idle time (20-30%).

As the third-largest economy of ASEAN, Malaysia is well-positioned to reap the benefits of the digital revolution.

Furthermore, the nation has been positioning itself towards becoming a logistics hub in the region, encouraging more foreign companies to set up their logistics hub in Malaysia.

“Road freight in South Asia is characterised by fragmentation and high inefficiencies,” commented Ezyhaul’s co-founder and CEO Raymond Gillon.

“We are very proud to have gained such a strong global player as Shell as our partner and make our services available to more shippers and transporters across Malaysia.”

The Shell and Ezyhaul solution aims to solve challenges faced by shippers and transporters. A digital marketplace provides improved pricing, visibility, quality of service and transport optimisation.

Ezyhaul, through its cloud-based marketplace, levels the playing field for both transporter and shipper via a user-friendly interface on mobile or desktop.

Thousands of quality shippers can now accurately control their operational costs while connecting with a host of new shipping clients, and conversely, shippers can now access a new range of qualified transporters with transparent and competitive costs. – April 16, 2021

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