OYO offers SOP-compliant accommodations as alternative space

OYO is offering accommodation spaces to businesses in need of temporary staff accommodations to support efforts to curb the community spread of COVID-19, considering recent clusters emerging involving workplaces.

By utilising OYO’s spaces, guests will be given sanitised bedrooms and bathrooms, air-conditions, TV, WiFi and more.

In accordance to OYO’s Sanitised Stays programme, all of its properties are cleaned and sanitised regularly in strict adherence to the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“During this time of limited tourism activity, participating in this programme is another way hoteliers can keep their businesses running until the hospitality industry recovers,” noted OYO Malaysia & Singapore vice president and head Tan Ming Luk.

He added by saying that the availability of OYO properties for self-quarantine have been well-received by workers of the oil and gas industry, allowing them access to affordable and sanitised accommodation upon their return from roil rigs.

“While we are excited by the Government’s announcement that the vaccination plan for Covid-19 will begin at the end of this month, we are fully aware that the three phases in the plan are expected to only be completed by February 2022, with the target of vaccinating 80% of Malaysian adults within this timeframe.

“Thus, in the meantime, we should continue to do our part to support preventive measures to flatten the infection curve,” Tan concluded. – Feb 18, 2021

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