P-hailing rider’s cheeky antics earns him a RM100 ‘loan’ from Berjaya Group founder

A P-HAILING rider’s chance encounter with corporate tycoon and Berjaya Group supremo Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun at a kopitiam has earned him a RM100 “loan”.

A TikTok video uploaded by @emy_chachacha showing the p-hailing rider excitedly narrating him meeting this “uncle who looked very familiar” but couldn’t quite figure out where he had seen his face before.

In the video, the rider is seen executing some slick dance moves whilst posing for pictures with Tan.

The billionaire business magnate guffawed loudly when the young man cheekily asked for a RM100 loan. Some netizens even commented that he should have asked for a larger sum.

@MohdJay said: “This uncle that you met, you could even borrow RM1,000 and he could give it away just like that.”

The p-hailing rider was quick to express his gratitude in the video to Tan and was later seen sharing his good fortune with workers at a drinks kiosk, presumably in the same location.

To many people RM100 is no big deal. But to many others like this p-hailing rider, it represents a windfall. It is clear for all to see how much the money meant to him and how hard it must be for him to earn a similar amount via his job as a delivery rider.

Great to see the tycoon for being such a good sport, and the p-hailing rider for being bold enough in asking for that “loan”. – Nov 2, 2023

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