Paralympic Koh Lee Peng’s plight: Our athletes deserve better, netizens say

YESTERDAY, The Rakyat Post highlighted the plight of once an illustrious Malaysian Paralympic star who is now selling tissues by the roadside to eke out a living.  

Koh Lee Peng, who was also the Malaysian Female Paralympic of Year 2016, is now selling tissues in Bukit Bintang, adding she was not ashamed of her current job.  

Despite being employed in an office job in the past, she had to quit as the place did not have a lift, making it difficult for her to move around.  

Following the story, netizens took to social media to bemoan Koh’s plight and criticised the Youth and Sports Ministry for it.  

Legendary songstress Francissca Peter said:

User Karen Low added:

Netizens Ravi Kumar Natarajan stated: 

Despite the media covering the plight of many former Malaysian sports stars going through troubled life following their retirement, the Youth and Sports Ministry recently cut funding for athletes and dropped 144 of them from its national training programmes citing budget cuts. 

Cut politicians’ perks, reintroduce GST  

The controversial move was condemned by many quarters but its minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu said the cut was inevitable as much funding was used to combat COVID-19.  

On that note, user David Wong said the Government should cut the unnecessary perks being enjoyed by politicians and channel the funds to help sportsmen.  

Netizen Syed Bidin al Zarfa remarked: “Govt coffers depleting due stagnant source of revenue..GST should be reintroduced. Influencers like @FranticKL should help disseminate knowledge to public to adapt GST ..banjir (flood) and covid19 really drying up our national budget.” – Jan 16, 2022.  



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