PAS cries foul over viral video of MIC function commencing with ‘al-Fatihah’ verse recital followed by Muslim prayers

IS THIS a case of wrong harmonisation of religious practices? Perhaps a mixed-up or a blending process went awry?

Interestingly, the PAS Ulamak Council (DUPP) has taken offence over a so-called religious ritual organised by MIC in Kuala Lumpur recently whereby somebody recited the Al-Fatihah verse followed by a prayer.

“DUPP would like to emphasise that such action should not have happened even when considering the unity factor in celebrating the diversity of religions, races and cultures in this country,” the DUPP chief Datuk Ahmad Yahaya lashed out in HarakahDaily.

“Beliefs, practices and rituals and principles of each religion must be properly distinguished and never to be mixed up at all. Hence, there is a need to prevent them from being mocked or insulted or by making them part of a decoration or an event.”

Datuk Ahmad Yahaya

According to the Kedah PAS commissioner, the main concern here is the normalisation of religious pluralism which must be prevented from developing in this country.

“To ensure that such situation doesn’t longer occur or being repeated in this country, the religious and security authorities are requested to immediately take appropriate action,” Ahmad who is also the Pokok Sena MP stressed.

“DUPP advises the MIC leadership and the programme organiser to seek the right advice before performing any ritual, especially that concerning Islam. After all, these matters involve boundaries and specialisations in the Islamic religion that should be respected by all parties.” – Aug 23, 2023

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