PAS is taken to task over its participation in the Songkran festival

IN a charm offensive – possibly to get the support of the non-Muslim communities in Malaysia – a PAS MP posted a photo showing that he attended the Songkran Festival.

“Everyone must get wet including guests regardless of rank, that’s the specialty of the Songkran Festival.

“Today, the Kedah state Songkran Festival took place at Wat Lamdin Naka,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

He also said the variety of customs and cultures that are shared can strengthen the harmonious relationship between races in Padang Terap.

But netizens are not letting down their attacks against the party and the MP for their previous stance banning Muslims from joining the religious festivals of other races and religions in Malaysia.

Some high-profile users on the X platform took the MP to task saying that when the PAS does such a thing, that is participate in the religious festival of non-Muslims, it is ‘halal’ but if the states controlled by the Pakatan Harapan (PH) were to do so, it is then ‘haram’.

The same user is saying that based on the recent ‘kafir’ controversy that hit Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek recently, it should be illicit for a PAS MP to promote the Songkran.

Another influencer on X claimed that the Songkran festival is prohibited due to its religious significance.

The user said PAS used to protest against the Songkran Festival. But today they are silent when the Songkran party is held in Kedah.

Another popular user on X reminded the PAS how it was against such participation in the past. He asked how the government in Kedah – PAS-controlled – officiated at the event.

The PAS used to tell its supporters and Muslims in Malaysia that their participation in such festivities is ‘illicit’ since it touches on the religious beliefs of non-Muslims. – April 21, 2024


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