PAS lambasts KTMB for instigating moral decay by leasing its trains for Pinkfish Express

PAS has slammed commercial-minded national rail operator Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd Bhd (KTMB) for leasing its coaches to facilitate an entertainment party branded as Pinkfish Express which it claimed to have condone the culture of entertaining beyond limits.

The Islamist party’s information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari stressed that the said event went against the norm of eastern culture which prioritises the values of morality, decency and moderate entertainment.

In fact, the Pasir Mas MP claimed that the entertainment party which resembles a night club ambience not only goes against the values of Rukun Negara but more so, tarnishes the reputation of KTMB which is a historic national asset.

“Regardless of whatever reason is used to justify this programme such as for the purpose of revenue generation, it is still unacceptable for this is seen as contrary to the philosophy of Madani Malaysia orchestrated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who is also the Finance Minister,” Fadhli chastised in a media statement.

“As KTMB is one of the government-linked companies (GLC) under the Finance Ministry (MOF), we wish to suggest that an investigation is carried out by the MOF into how such a programme can be approved given its inappropriateness of normalising immoral activities using government-related companies.”

For the uninitiated, the on-board train event which is dubbed as “’the first train entertainment festival in Southeast Asia” was an event leading up to the Pinkfish Festival which will be held at Sunway Lagoon in June.

Delving farther into the event, Fadhli went on to state that entertainment is not something that is forbidden for Malaysians and Muslims.

“Nevertheless, Islam sets comprehensive guidelines to enable humans to fulfil their needs for entertainment. Simplicity in seeking entertainment is the key to progress,” added the PAS lawmaker. – May 20, 2024

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