PAS MP taught a lesson in racial harmony

AFTER the Negri Sembilan state government renamed Jalan Temiang to Jalan Dr Chen Man Hin, in honour of the late former Seremban MP, Padang Terap-PAS MP Nurul Amin Hamid made comments that stirred another storm on Twitter.

Nurul Amin, who is always stirring controversies online for good or bad reasons, sent a congratulatory message on his Twitter account, accompanied by a photo showing Lim Guan Eng, the DAP national chair posing with his father Lim Kit Siang with a road sign.

The road sign is to indicate the name change of the road in Seremban. While the MP’s statement is laconic, some users did not like it.

nurul amin hamid@nurulaminhamid wrote: “Congratulations to the founder of DAP who was named on a street in Seremban, his ‘great’ service to the state of Sembilan.”

Replying to the PAS MP, @ShakirAmeer said:

“Don’t be rude to the late founder of our party (DAP). He has contributed a lot to the people of Seremban as a Member of Parliament and also as a doctor who provided FREE medical services REGARDLESS OF RACE.

“WHO ARE YOU? Don’t try to inflame racial sentiments. Enough!”

The comment made by the Twitter user shows how much trust in lawmakers from the Opposition has eroded on the internet.

The late Dr Chen was known for his dedication in his service as the Seremban MP and held the position for five terms.

The renamed road covers a distance of 3.3km and is a main route for the residents. The photo posted by Nurul Amin has an original caption from Guan Eng saying:

Congratulations to Secretary-General Anthony Loke Siew Fook and Teo Kok Seong for successfully carrying out this effort. The Chen family will surely be delighted. Negri Sembilan, under Loke’s leadership, joins Penang in naming roads in honour of our leaders.”

Another user justified the naming of the road after the DAP leader.

“He is part of the political history of the land of the Malays and now Malaysia, even the Malays themselves do not feel affected because that is the history that cannot be hidden.

“Unexpected for a man of the level of MP to behave this way. How did the people (of Kedah) vote for this MP.”

No one seems to be defending the MP who is apparently not tired of getting blasted left and right on Twitter. — May 20, 2023

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