PAS non-Muslim support group leader: PAS has never demolished non-Muslim places of worship

THOSE who still accuse PAS of being extreme towards non-Muslims are merely political enemies who deliberately create a perception to tarnish the image and authority of PAS in the eyes of non-Muslims.

PAS Supporters’ Assembly Chairman (DHPP), Balasubramaniam Nachiappan insisted that PAS’s stance towards non-Malays has actually been reiterated by party’s leaders who want to see the unification of all Malaysians.

As such, those who view PAS as an anti-non-Muslim party are actually envious of the integrity and strength of PAS which is now increasingly accepted by Malaysians, especially among the Malay community itself.

“PAS’s insistence on the unification of the ummah (Muslim solidarity) alongside non-extremist non-Muslims is reflective of PAS’ stance that the party is not hostile to non-Muslims as claimed by its political enemies,” he pointed out in a closing speech of the 69th PAS Muktamar (annual assembly) at the Ideal Convention Centre (IDCC) Shah Alam yesterday (Oct 22).

Balasubramaniam Nachiappan

“Although its core policy is Islamic in nature, PAS still adheres to the concept of no coercion in religion even though Islam has full power in the administration process.”

Balasubramaniam further explained that the type of justice practiced by PAS has been proven successfully proven as in the governance of Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis where no followers of other religions were prevented from practicing their beliefs.

Moreover, no houses of worship were demolished or economic activities were blocked nor non-Muslim communities were made miserable and tortured under the PAS-rule government in those states.

“Next year, DHPP will celebrate its 20th anniversary following its formation on March 11, 2004 as the PAS Supporters Club by our beloved the late Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat,” announced the former PAS-nominated Senator whose three-year term expired on June 15 this year.

“This is a long journey with ups and downs and various historical records. There is definitely a lot of maturing on the part of the DHPP to become a stronger and much organised PAS wing as instructed by Tuan Guru president (Tan Sri Hadi Awang).”

As instructed by Hadi, the DHPP will continue to mobilise the national unity agenda through the framework of ummah unity and the slogan ‘Islam for all’ in the quest to reach out to the non-Muslims community, added Balasubramaniam. – Oct 23, 2023

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