PAS to 12 Chinese PKR reps: Palestinian struggle is based on rights and honour, not revenge and hatred

PAS has defended the Education Ministry’s (MOE) staging of the Palestine Solidarity Week which kicked off yesterday (Oct 29) in schools nationwide by ticking off 12 PKR representatives who used terminologies like vengeance, hatred and violence to express their worries and objections to the programme.

The party’s secretary-general has Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan claimed that the use of such terms in a negative context will not only spark misunderstanding but further “extends the narrative of blasphemy and prejudice championed by the Western media and those who support the Israeli apartheid regime when referring to the struggle of Palestinians”.

“PAS agrees that such elements should not be brought in or nurtured among not only school pupils but our society as well,” he justified in a statement.

PAS president Tan Sri Hadi Awang making an appearance at PAS’ 10,000 Palestine Solidarity Rally held in the Federal capital on Saturday (Oct 28) afternoon

“However, its use in the context of the legitimate struggle and resistance of the Palestinians against the invasion and conquest by a regime formed unilaterally based on the illegitimate interests of the colonial powers after the end of World War 2 is as bad as the invasion and conquest.”

Added the Kota Bahru MP: “Laws and universal values clearly support and accept the struggle for independence and liberation from colonialism and invasion as the basic rights of all human beings. This support and acceptance do not only involve peaceful and diplomatic efforts but also include armed struggle by the quarters who were affected by it.”

In a joint statement on Saturday (Oct 28), the group of 12 PKR representatives who all of Chinese ethnicity called for a review of the MOE’s decision so that schools and public learning institutions are free from elements of hatred and violence.

They included three MPs, namely Tan Kar Hing (Gopeng), Lee Chean Chung (Petaling Jaya) and Chiew Choon Man (Miri).

The other nine signatories are state assemblymen comprising Lee Boon Heng (Kebun Bunga), Chua Wei Kiat (Rawang), Chan Chun Kuang (Semanbu), Wong Chai Yi (Simpang Pulai), Yew Boon Lye (Chuah), Goh Choon Aik (Bukit Tambun), David Cheong Kian Yong (Kajang), Arthur Chiong Sen Sern (Bikit Batu) and Adam Loh Wei Chai (Bakar Arang).

Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan

Against such backdrop, Takiyuddin reminded the group of PKR representatives to be more careful in addressing the Palestinian issue “so as not to be seen painting a wrong picture on the Palestinian struggle or to subtly sabotage the MOE’s good efforts of exposing our pupils to the regional conflict and also Malaysia’s policy stance on it”.

In this regard, the Perikatan Nasional (PN) chief whip pointed out the success of a national type Chinese school SKJC Chong Kuang in Jawi, Penang which organised a Palestine Solidarity programme harmoniously last Friday (Oct 27) as an example that can be emulated by other schools.

“According to media reports, the programme at the school involved pupils and teachers of multiple races, and religions and was filled with information sessions and video screenings, the launch of a solidarity fund, a photo session with the Palestinian flag and also prayers for Muslim teachers and pupils,” added Takiyuddin. – Oct 30, 2023

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