PAS wishes a happy Christmas to Malaysians of the Christian faith

ISLAMIST party PAS sent its ‘Merry Christmas’ wish to all Malaysians of the Christian faith today.In a statement, PAS secretary-general Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan extended the holiday greeting on behalf of the Islamic political party.“PAS wishes all Christian Malaysians a Merry Christmas and hopes that it will be celebrated smoothly in a safe and harmonious environment, paving the wayto better and more meaningful days ahead.“The harmonious and festive celebration of various religious or cultural events in this country is a manifestation of our culture of gentleness, tolerance and mutual respect that long has been firmly established in our society.“Thus, it must be defended from any inclinations that may weaken the practice of such qualities, as well as nurtured with the awareness that the existing diversityis a treasure for Malaysian society which adds value to the quality of our togetherness,” he said in the Facebook message.Takiyuddin also said that as an Islamic party and as an Islamic party, it celebrates and is always open to the diversity in Malaysia.“Not only as a special feature of our society but also as the core of Islamic teachings which embraces such reality in the bonds of our great human family, inclusive of people of all races, cultures and religions, legally and honourably.” – Dec 24, 2023
Main photo credit: Bernama

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