Passenger tries to scam grab driver but quickly pays up when driven to police station

A SOMEWHAT hilarious clip of a semi-notorious scammer getting her comeuppance has gone viral. The short video was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user @update11111 and has at time of writing generated 1.3 million views.

The video purportedly shows a young lady passenger claiming to have insufficient funds to pay for her taxi fare. To which the driver very quickly engaged in gear and started driving which noticeably startled the passenger.

When she realised she was being driven to a police station did she cough up the measly RM11 that was the agreed fare.

The driver could be heard talking to himself after dropping off the passenger in which he quipped he was well-prepared having given a ride to this particular passenger on more than one occasion, noting she was always looking to pull a fast one.

Netizens congratulated the cab driver for his speed of thought in taking the appropriate action as well as gleefully noting that the passenger got taught a lesson. Here is a sample of what is being said online.

Some netizens thought it was a video of the cab driver having a spooky passenger.

Others identified the lady as a real hantu (literally ghost) passenger who has gained notoriety for not ever paying the full fare.

Some went on to question the e-hailing service provider why nothing was being done to bar known scammers and other freeloaders from using its services.

Many asked why the lady tried to pull this stunt over such a small amount. If she really did not have the money, she should not be hailing for a cab.

More than a few questioned the passenger’s mental state or motivation for doing this as all it does is invite an unwanted spotlight.

While some said they did not understand those who did not check available funds before booking a ride.

Many, however, praised the driver for keeping his cool in the situation.

At the end of the dashcam video, the driver could be heard chuckling to himself, saying “the amoi (literally young Chinese girl) picked the wrong driver to scam”.

She did, indeed, and it is hoped she gets some professional help to overcome her issues.

In the meantime, potential scammers, you have been warned. You are but a dashcam clip away from infamy. And well done to the e-hailing driver who gave this young scammer a lesson. – March 27, 2024

Main image credit: eHailing.FM

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