PBM’s internal crisis at boiling point with Larry Sng accused of political immaturity

THE friction within Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM) between its president-designate Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin and the party’s president Datuk Larry Sng has somehow escalated to an ‘irreparable’ level with the former accusing the latter of leaking party secrets to the public.

In the latest twist, the former plantation industries and commodities minister has claimed that the Julau MP has often exposed confidential party matters on the social media coupled with “back and forth statements which have apparently damaged the image of PBM and caused annoyance among party members”.

“As a democratic party, the PBM president should discuss first before carrying out any action or making certain decisions,” lamented Zuraida who failed to defend her Ampang parliamentary seat on the PBM ticket during the recent 15th General Election (GE15) after having served as PKR MP for three terms since 2008.

“At this point, Datuk Larry Sng’s (PBM’s sole victor in GE15) character has shown his immaturity, arrogance and failure to think rationally in managing this party. This includes his actions which had previously threatened other leaders by using his authority to sign documents before the GE15.”

Larry Sng

Unfortunately, Zuraida said this happened after her team has solidified PBM with the addition of strength from members of non-governmental organisation (NGO) Penggerak Komuniti Negara with the understanding that the highest reins of the party would be handed over to her immediately upon the announcement of her joining this party.

“Such matter has already been approved through motions passed during the party’s national level annual general meeting (AGM) but after GE15 took place, Datuk Larry Sng seemed to break his promise by acting shamelessly against the wishes of the majority of PBM members in addition to continuously abusing his position to remain in power.”

Zuraida said she would leave this matter to the PBM members and the registrar of the societies for further action.

“My devotional service in empowering the nation-building agenda will continue through existing capacities at the global, local and community levels. This includes continuing with charitable and social activities which are something that I have already started a long time ago,” she asserted.

“My work and aspirations to bring a progressive agenda for Malaysians will also be continued and implemented through various platforms, especially via the Penggerak Komuniti Negara platform which I founded since 2017 and which is now which is now part of the bigger Muafakat Nasional grouping.” – Dec 25, 2022

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