Peaceful, easy living at Cyberjaya

MR TAN is a recent retiree and is a classic car enthusiast. He is now looking forward to spending more time on his “old girls” – a 1965 MGB in classic British racing green and a flame red 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV.

He and his wife were looking for a change of pace. They no longer needed their spacious terrace home located in a crowded inner-city suburb. Their kids having left the family nest also meant there were unused spaces that just required extra cleaning.

They began exploring the idea of moving to a cosier home which required less maintenance, and a peaceful surrounding with easy access to public parks.

Mr Tan also wanted to take his “old girls” out for a short and stress-free drive on beautifully-paved roads. He didn’t want his garage queens navigating through pothole-ridden roads as he has to do now at his current location.

Consulting a real estate agent friend, the Tans were recommended edusphere at Cyberjaya, a mixed integrated development by HCK Capital Group.

This assured the Tans that the development would be completed and well-maintained, given HCK’s reputation as a developer that delivers.

In particular, they were asked to check out the Covington and Foster suites, both having 790sq ft of space which would allow for a comfortable existence for a retired couple without the need for a live-in maid as required at their current landed property.

The Covington and Foster suites will be housed in an 18-storey tower, providing residents with majestic vistas of their surroundings. Both Mr and Mrs Tan were sufficiently impressed by the available facilities such as the Jacuzzi and walking treks that will allow them to lead a leisurely lifestyle.

The clincher though was the quality of the roads in Cyberjaya. Knowing Mr Tan’s passion for classic cars, the real estate agent invited Mr Tan to bring one of his beloved beauties out for a test run.

Mr Tan agreed and one fine sunny Sunday morning, he had the Alfa purring nicely along the fine roads of Cyberjaya.

The roads are wide, open and welcoming with easy access to major highways such as MEX, ELITE and SKVE, and Mr Tan grinned from ear to ear as he shifted through the Italian motor’s transmission.

In no time, the Tans chose a Foster unit and signed on the dotted line. Mr Tan was really looking forward to indulging in his automotive passion at edusphere and enjoying quality roads for a change.

Curious to find out more about edusphere? Visit – Dec 20, 2023

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