Penang to mitigate economic impact from Covid-19

THE Penang state government has and will continue to take proactive countermeasures to soften the economic impact from Covid-19 pandemic, said the chief minister Chow Kon Yeow.

The state is mindful of the unintended economic consequences especially in the financial position of businesses and its people, he said.

“Penang with its rich industrial experience will be fundamental in helping the economy navigate through this unprecedented time,” he said in a statement today.

Penang’s electric and electronics (E&E) sector has evolved and diversified for the past 50 years and are equipped to further break-through into the next phase of manufacturing technologies, innovative tools and products entering the new norm.

Chow also said the growing worldwide demand for medical supplies, products and equipment against Covid-19 would also open avenues for Penang’s medical device industry and create new business as well as employment opportunities.

Meanwhile, he also noted that the state government would continue to enforce compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs), health protocols as well as ensuring hygiene is always maintained for a cleaner and healthier Penang. – April 20, 2020, Bernama



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