Pendatang, the movie, already a success story on YouTube

SET in a dystopian Malaysia in which different races are forbidden to mix, a Chinese family moves into their new house to find a scared Malay girl still hiding in it.

Should they get rid of her or try to smuggle her back to safety? The content on YouTube warns of some violence, profanity and racism.

The movie by Kuman Pictures Production in association with Sunstrong Entertainment & Tapir Films was posted on YouTube two days ago and has garnered more than 250,000 views. It is considered a success on the streaming channel.

The Cantonese-language movie received good reviews from viewers and most of the comments were about the racism highlighted by the movie.

It also got the attention of political analyst James Chin who wrote:

In response to Chin, X user @Kumar_Zone wrote:

Another user believes that the film actually depicts where Malaysia is heading in the future.

Moreover, netizen @Jambul_XX may be quite right in saying this is all about us, Malaysians. – Dec 24, 2023


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