Perhaps time is ripe for Insp Sheila to make waves as social media influencer

WHAT is it with Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar or more popularly known as Inspector Sheila that the spotlight seems to follow her around?

The latest incident has her charged in the Kuala Lumpur Magistrate’s Court for causing public nuisance by scolding, shouting and honking her car at a woman in a parking lot of a shopping mall last June.

She was previously brought before the Selayang Magistrate’s Court on three charges of threatening and insulting the honour of a police officer with the rank of lance corporal and two civilians.

A holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Language and Linguistics with a major in English and a minor in Italian from University Malaya, the 35-year-old female cop has become an internet sensation after her social media postings about finding ‘Mr Right’ went viral.

This was after she had gained notoriety for the original court case.

Some view her as a strong female personality, unafraid to express her forthright views. Others find her in-your-face mannerisms bordering on the obnoxious and unbecoming of a member of police force.

Inspector Sheila spotting a more feminine  pose
Pic credit: The Vibes

In the latest court case, her lawyer had highlighted that having his client charged for causing public nuisance for prolonged honking of her car horn was a waste of the court’s time and costs.

He also argued that it was frivolous and set a dangerous precedent as no Malaysian has similarly been charged for simply leaning on their horn.

Does the lawyer have a point? Is this a case of selective persecution?

Whatever the reasoning, perhaps Inspector Sheila who is attached to the Petaling Jaya District Police HQ should make full use of her fame and forge an alternative career as a social media influencer or even as a podcast host.

She certainly has built a following with many netizens very much in awe of her strong character as well as her statuesque good looks.

Time to quit the police force and milk her internet presence for what it’s worth?

Sheila Take A Bow (song by English rock band Smiths), indeed. – Nov 13, 2023


Pics credit: Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar’s Facebook

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