PETA KLCC protests antagonised with online bashing

ARE Malaysians starting to adopt “woke” attitudes by getting involved in protests that are generally not seen in our country?Recently, there was a protest done in front of KLCC by some who gave support to the US-based PETA, where vegans are advocating for the rights of animals though Malaysian netizens are not looking at this in a positive light as they are vehemently against it.

It sparked a debate online. Some are stating that religions that require their followers to be vegans are not imposing on those who do not want that lifestyle. Other than that, some are even stating that the vegan lifestyle is more expensive than you’d think it is.

News portal Free Malaysia Today tweeted regarding these “vegan zombies” showing the alleged cruelty done by humans towards animals.However, this Twitter user states that you can enjoy a vegan lifestyle without pushing it on others. He adds that it existed long ago with Buddhism, Taoism and that they should not push this agenda aggressively just because a western organisation asks them to do so.It seems that a large majority of Malaysians are against this movement, as Twitter user @Noname77045059 stated:

In lieu, the user states that we should not give a face to these extreme activists in Malaysia. We might just end up like Europe where these people would disrupt traffic, splash paint everywhere and just generally disturb the peace. These degenerates will do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight.Another Twitter user by the handle of @KenapaKauDegil said:

When translated, the user said, being a vegan is like being in an MLM. They are forcing you to join their team because your story will be an addition to theirs. This is their tactic for you to get recruits to join them. They are just showboaters as there are no real results in whatever they’re doing. If this vegan lifestyle is fantastic, why don’t you try feeding a tiger some dragon fruits?

Moreover, netizen @sakiom1012 added:

Furthermore, Twitter user @thewornpath said: — April 1, 2023


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