PH’s popularity amid economic hardship sparks spirited netizen debate

THE impact of economic hardship on political parties, including Pakatan Harapan (PH), can be a subject of debate among netizens. Economic conditions, government policies and various other factors can contribute to shifts in public opinion and political outcomes.

A pro-PH account on X is showing some disappointment towards the PH and government policies. This has sparked some interesting reactions.

Netizen @pemikirmsia is known for launching interesting debates on X and this time, wrote:

While some said PH has to buckle up or ship out and sit in the opposition after the next general elections, some are confident things will get better.

On the cost of living crisis,  @garis3lintang said:

(I don’t know if you guys shop at Jaya Grocer. I’ve been going to the market every week with the other commoners, prices haven’t increased since six-seven months ago, except for rice. In fact, the mackerel that used to be 22/kg has now decreased to 17/kg. Eggs have maintained their high prices and haven’t dropped. There’s just enough stock.)

User @msbdaud supports the views that the marketing choices are in our hands, instead.

(That’s right. Those who are complaining that things are expensive are buying their goods at some expensive supermarkets. For example chicken, at the supermarket 8.90, grocery store 9.80-10.50/kg. Eggs 12.50 so 15.00 at the grocery store. The choice is ours, don’t be busy blaming people for trying to do the be.)

Some expressed their frustrations at how things are going in the country.

As signs of change become increasingly evident, questions arise about the stability of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s government.

Will it endure and adapt, as some suggest, or is it on the brink of losing support and stepping down?

Alternatively, is this debate rooted in the perceived shortcomings of the government, or are we simply witnessing a period of adjustment following the transition to a unity government in Malaysia? – Oct 28, 2023

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