“PKR will start planning for GE16 as from 2025,” says Rafizi

PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli said the party is well prepared to face the 16th General Election (GE16) and its aim is for Prime Minister (PM) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to safeguard a second term as prime minister.

Rafizi also added that the party is preparing to launch its GE16 strategy by the year 2025, which is at best two and a half years before the next elections.

The Pandan MP stated that the party will not have much time to prepare for the next general election if it does not prepare now, adding that the current focus is on the government, but the party will soon put its focus on campaigning for the general elections.

For that matter, PKR has a plan in motion, providing it with a two-year head start ahead of GE16, said Rafizi and they include the launch of two new frameworks namely the party organisation empowerment framework (POP25) in conjunction with PKR’s 25th anniversary and the neat framework 16 (KEMAS16) to face GE16.

He pointed out the two frameworks are aimed at strengthening the strength from the grassroots up to create new strength for PKR in the face of the election.

“After the launch, the entire leadership and strength of the party will be mobilised to go down to the states periodically, and then we will go to the branches, marking the preparations for GE16 starting today.

“It will be accompanied by complete targets and clear metrics.

“We hope that the preparations made two years earlier will ensure that Anwar remains as PM after GE16,” he said when speaking at the 25th PKR Convention which took place at the Ideal Convention Center (IDCC) on Sunday.

He further added that the preparations for the next GE will start as early as 2025.

“However, I would like to inform you that the election series towards GE16 will start as early as next year, which is in 2025.”

Rafizi acknowledged that the party leadership has been primarily focused on the government in the past 15 months, but reassured that the party remains relevant and challenges must be faced collectively. – April 21, 2024


Main photo credit: Business Today

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