Platinum Premium Suites: An affordable investment opportunity

WITH the property market showing signs of recovery, many property buyers are looking for suitable projects to invest in.

Having come through the tough times caused by the pandemic, investors are naturally cautious, with many still preferring tried and trusted locations to sink their hard earned cash into.

This conservative approach has seen investors gyrate towards established locales such as Bangsar, TTDI and Damansara in search for fruitful investments.

The one drawback with taking such an approach is that these areas tend to carry a premium, making many projects beyond the means of many younger and first-time investors.

Those looking to own a premium property in a mature and affluent area would do well to check out Platinum Premium Suites.

Part of a vertical mix-used building that is HCK Tower, the Platinum Premium Suites are priced at a level that allow first-time investors the opportunity to add a high-end property on their portfolios.

Located in Damansara Perdana’s Empire City, the area has been tipped to emulate the success of MidValley City with leisure, commercial and hospitality components combining to offer tenants a complete lifestyle package.

The Platinum Premium Suites are designed to appeal to the corporate high-flyer who wants to be at the centre of the action. Great connectivity to major urban areas in the Klang Valley is provided by the LDP and DASH highways, allowing corporate executive tenants unrivalled mobility.

Land scarcity also means that opportunities to own a piece of prime real estate in the Damansara locale is getting more difficult.

The fact HCK Tower is already operational and has office occupants bodes well for the Platinum Premium Suites as investors can be assured that the vacant possession of the units should be on track.

For a better feel of the Platinum Premium Suites, interested buyers can visit the Infinite Gallery at L39 of HCK Tower.

The flagship sales gallery for HCK Capital Group is equipped with AR and VR technology to allow visitors to fully visually the vast potential of the Platinum Premium Suites.

To find out more, visit – Sept 22, 2023

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