“PN is bigger than PAS,” says netizens on ‘green wave’

THE issue of the green wave in Malaysia continues to interest analysts and netizens, but in a tweet, users poke fun at the reasons they believe the Parti Islam Se-Malaysia cannot leave the Perikatan Nasional (PN) alliance.

The question arose in the aftermath of the defection of Bersatu Sabah members to the Gerakan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) today, which resulted in the collapse of Bersatu in the state.

While the Bersatu party in Peninsula Malaysia insists on remaining in Sabah and rebuilding the party’s base there, netizens are more concerned about the PAS’s relationship with the PN.

PAS leader Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang had on the night of the elections on Nov 19 jumped the gun in a press conference late in the night, saying the PN had the numbers and had won the elections.

He also said the coalition will be seeing the King of Malaysia form a new government the next day (Nov 20).

This did not happen and with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim gaining support from many factions in the Parliament, it left the PN as the sole opposition grouping.

Nevertheless, Twitter users are suggesting that PAS should also leave the PN to pursue its ‘green wave’. But not everyone agrees that PAS can survive alone.

Others are saying PAS can’t leave the PN because of the financial support it gets from the Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin party and that it only won 22 seats under the PAS banner in Kelantan and Terengganu, while other seats were won under the PN banner.

errybagley @azwanaziz85 says, “Pru16 ni pas patut solo..standby takut ph+bn ni buat taik..dah nampak bunga2 najib nak lepas..pas perlu tukar presiden..banyakan golongan profesional dlm pas..aku pun dah muak dgn politik ni.cuma pas je aku belum pangkah..pru16 ni cuba solo.”

In English, it says: This GE16 PAS should be solo. Stand by because PH+BN can be in trouble. I have seen the ‘followers’ of Najib leaving. The PAS also needs to change its president. Most of the professionals are in the PAS, I am also fed up with politics. PAS is the only party I have not voted for PAS so far. For the GE16 (PAS) try solo.

In the same thread, another user, PemegangTaruh@arhe_ming94 says, “PAS disarankan loncat/keluar beramai ramai masuk Amanah PAN. Itu lebih baik. Dari duduk bawah hadi awang bek dorang duduk bawah Bang Mat. Kelakar pn kelakar tak merapu. Hadi awang suka ponteng, bang mat setia dalam parlimen, boleh masak kari kepala ikan lagi amacam? Onz x onz? 😂”

The English translation says: PAS is advised to jump/exit in large numbers to join Amanah PAN. It is better. From sitting under Hadi Awang (PAS leader), you sit down under Bang Mat (the Amanah leader Mohamad Sabu). Funny and not funny. Hadi Awang likes to skip the Parliament sessions, but Mat Sabu is faithful in parliament and he can cook fish head curry and so on.

While this user, Tarento Machianto αḺ-♭urito🇲🇾🕵📽@darren04451671, says in a cryptic message, “thy need $omething from ber$tone” — Dec 10, 2022



Main photo credit: FMT

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