PN MP slammed for “selling kidney to make ends meet” remark

A DAP lawmaker has lambasted Machang MP Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal for claiming that some Malaysians are forced to “sell their kidneys to make ends meet”.

Calling it a “serious allegation” Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii, who has a medical degree, said selling organs are illegal.

“If he makes such an accusation, he better substantiate it [with proof]. Fact is, he has to report it and highlight the syndicate that is behind this. If he is merely using this as an example, it is irresponsible, cheap politics,” Dr Yii tweeted.

He was responding to Wan Ahmad Fayhsal’s allegation at a press conference in Parliament yesterday when pressing for the government to approve another round of targeted Employee Provident Fund (EPF) withdrawal.

“If targeted (EPF) withdrawals are not approved, what is the government’s suggestion to help the people who are struggling, to the point that some had to sell their kidneys, or walk from Johor to Istana Negara,” Wan Ahmad Fayhsal had said.

Similarly, consultant physician and nephrologist at Hospital Putrajaya Dr Rafidah Abdullah tweeted:

Both Dr Yii and Dr Rafidah quote tweeted a user who goes by the handle @tulunsokit who stressed that it is illegal to sell your kidneys in Malaysia and that “there is absolutely no way to do it”.

The user further clarified that Malaysia is a signatory to the Declaration of Istanbul that prohibits organ trafficking in any way, form or means.

Putrajaya has rejected another EPF withdrawal on the ground that it would endanger the retirement savings of those who are nearing retirement age but are financially insecure.

The government has instead allowed struggling EPF contributors to use their Account 2 as a means of support in securing a loan from banks. – April 5, 2023


Main pic credit: Malay Mail

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