PN-PAS ridiculed over claims Selangor water problems are bigger

FORMER Selangor UMNO chairman Tan Sri Noh Omar, who joined the Perikatan Nasional (PN) recently is facing the full brunt of social media users with his statement that Selangor too has major water issues.

“The water problem in Selangor is as if it is inseparable, despite being a developed state in our country.

“There were times when I had to direct the Fire and Rescue Department to assist in water distribution when I served as the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister,” he said.

He also said it is strange for him that whenever the water problem is brought up, some parties try to associate it with Kelantan.

However, netizens did not take his statement well.

Replying to the post on Twitter, user @AqimNizar had this to say:

“Bai (brother), Selangor does not have a continuous water supply problem. There is a water supply interruption once in a while, sometimes.”

In the past, Selangor had major water woes that caused disruptions for several days. Some people had to leave their homes to carry jerrycans and fetch water from trucks sent to deliver water to affected areas.

But the water issues in Selangor are not as bad as the ones in Kelantan, where the PAS, a member of the PN, has been in power for decades.

Another user @AzrilIzwan added:

“Why is he so busy body with a state that doesn’t have water problems? Kelantan has had no water for a long time and he never even wants to raise it. The people of Selangor are stupid if they change the government to PAS.”

All the users who commented did not give an iota of support to the PAS-PN on this matter.

This user gave full support to the current PH government in Selangor.

User @BackroomsRabbit noted:

“The water problem does exist but the state government is very competent and continue to strive to improve and give the best to the people of Selangor including the people of Kelantan who earn a living here.”

The user did not fail to mention that people from Kelantan come to Selangor to work and enjoy the facilities available here. – June 24, 2023


Main photo credit: Kosmo Digital

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