PN warned against harping on trivial issues as PMX is fighting back with “counter narrative”

OPPOSITION slant political critic Dr Tanaka Mustafa has taken a swipe at the “Perikatan Nasional (PN) gang” for purportedly “having depleted their political capital to fight PMX”.

“You’re limiting yourself by playing up the Ashabul Kahfi (The Seven Sleepers) and the K-word issues which are not worthy of an issue at all,” he hit out in a recent Facebook post.

“Are you guys aware that those are purely syiok sendiri (self-gratifying) issues which non-partisan citizens don’t even bother to care about?”

As it is, the Tanka observed that the unity government has rolled out commendable economic measures by imposing a RM415.5 mil penalty on a poultry feed price-fixing cartel, stabilising the price of chicken, ambushing errant foreign nationals and declaring a 5.25% ASB (Amanah Saham Bumiputera) dividend with many more effective counter narratives to follow.

Image of “Ashabul Kahfi” or The Seven Sleepers (Pic credit: Dr Tanaka Mustafa’s Facebook)

“What do you get by playing up the K-word issue? Just to make Indians angry at PMX (Dastak Seri Anwar Ibrahim)? For what? There is no election anytime soon,” the political strategist hit out.

“In fact, the Madani gang is currently having a headache with the issue of DAP wanting local elections and re-delimitation of electoral borders. There is a clash of ideas between the UMNO block and the PH block on the matter. But you guys are drowning the key issue by bringing up the K-word issue.”

Added Tanaka: “PMX is a diligent reader. He always quotes what he has read. How are you guys going to challenge him given he’s a literary graduate?

“The focus should be on the big issue otherwise highlight what the PN administration had done previously. Stop being complacent with trivial issues as the Madani government is putting together a counter narrative.” – Dec 26, 2023

Main pic credit: Dr Tanaka’s Mustafa Facebook

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