PN Youth to file police reports against Ngeh over arson allegations

PERIKATAN Nasional (PN) Youth has announced its intention to file police reports against Beruas MP Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, accusing him of baselessly implicating PAS and Bersatu in the recent fire at his residence.

PAS information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari condemned Ngeh’s actions, labelling them as malicious slander without any supporting evidence.

In a statement released last night (Jan 10), Fadhli expressed condolences for the fire that occurred at Ngeh’s home but emphasised that it does not justify making unfounded allegations. He criticised Ngeh for preemptively linking the incident to PN without allowing authorities to complete their investigation into the cause, especially if it was an intentional attack.

“PN Youth condemns Ngeh’s attempt to link PN to the fire at his home without providing any evidence. We relay condolences to Ngeh over the blaze, but that does not give him the licence to make baseless allegations.

“Ngeh should not precede the authorities in concluding the cause of the fire, in the case it was an attack.”

The controversy arose following Ngeh’s earlier remarks regarding the Syariah Court, which allegedly led to tensions and the subsequent fire. Ngeh had suggested that components of PN specifically PAS and Bersatu were responsible for fuelling the unrest.

Ngeh Koo Ham


The DAP MP who forgave the alleged arsonists is urged by Fadhli to let the authorities conduct an independent investigation. Fadhli accused Ngeh of attempting to divert attention from his own past mistakes of offending the sensitivities of Muslims.

“Ngeh does not need to pretend to be ‘holy’ by forgiving the alleged arsonist, while at the same time throwing malicious slander against PN and those who criticised his acts,” he added.

“Ngeh is yet again trying to create racial and religious tension by making baseless allegations. Therefore, as a way to stop him from repeating this ‘evil deed’, PN Youth will lodge police reports to counter Ngeh’s slander against PN, and the Muslims in general.”

In response to Ngeh’s actions, PN Youth has decided to lodge police reports to counter the alleged slander against PN and the Muslim community.

Moreover, Fadhli noted the importance of preventing Ngeh from repeating such actions.

The Perak Police have confirmed that the fire is suspected to be an act of arson and are conducting a thorough investigation from multiple angles. Fortunately, no casualties were reported in the incident that took place at 2:50am.

Furthermore, Ngeh has issued an apology and retracted his proposal to include non-Muslim experts in the special committee reviewing the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court. – Jan 11, 2023


Main photo credit: The Dewan

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