Police seek road bully after video of violent assault goes viral

NO matter what the circumstances, never resort to violence to resolve matters. It is almost a certainty in this day and age that someone will have captured it on video and the entire episode will be uploaded on social media.

Instant infamy awaits the perpetrators, not least the cops who have visual evidence to help them with their investigations.

This was most certainly the case in a purported road rage incident along the Langat-Klang road that was captured on video. The clip which has since been removed at the behest of the cops so as to cause distress shows a large, burly man brutally attacking a p-hailing rider.

A black Proton Saga is seen to be blocking the path of the p-hailing rider with the assailant alighting from the car and proceeding to rain heavy blows on the hapless victim.

The rider received multiple blows before by-standers were able to stop the assailant from inflicting further harm.

Klang Selatan police chief Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Cha Hoong Fong said one of the three individuals in the vehicle had allegedly pushed the complainant off his motorcycle, followed by a vicious assault involving choking, punching, kicking and inflicting multiple blows on the victim.

Before fleeing the scene, the suspects also kicked the complainant’s motorcycle, causing damage to the motorcycle’s cover set, according to Cha.

As a result of this ordeal, the complainant suffered injuries, including swelling and bruises on the lips, ribs and legs along with a loss of RM250.00 to repair the damaged cover set.

“The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Klang Selatan District Police Headquarters has initiated an investigation under Section 323/427 of the Penal Code for intentionally causing injuries and committing mischief,” Cha pointed out in a media statement.

ACP Cha Hoong Fong (Pic credit: Utusan Malaysia)

“Both offences carry penalties of up to one year in prison or a fine of up to RM 2,000 or both for injury-related offenses, and up to five years in prison or a fine or both for mischief-related offences.”

Police are confident of making arrests with the available video evidence.

In retrospect, whatever caused the ruckus in the first place does not justify the use of violence. Now, the cops have a video of the perpetrators to facilitate investigations and when they are eventually charged, the courts will have visual evidence as well.

So potential road bullies better think carefully before taking matters into their own hands because someone somewhere is always ready to turn perpetrators into viral sensations.

That is infamy that is best avoided. – Oct 3, 2023

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