“Malnourished” Dr M scouting “new hosts” for “nutrients”

FORMER Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a desperate man, looking for a “new host” as a platform to revitalise his political aspirations.

In a scathing Facebook post, Umno president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi reminded the public on how Mahathir has admonished the party in the vilest ways before making a U-turn on the matter.

“In the past, Mahathir said that the real Umno is dead and the current one is only a namesake. He even claimed that many Umno members had expressed interest to join Pakatan Harapan, especially his former party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu).

“Mahathir also said that while he was prepared to accept defecting Umno lawmakers, he cannot accept the party en bloc into his coalition. On Nov 9, 2019, the Langkawi MP had admitted to asking me to dissolve Umno.

“And all of a sudden, on Thursday, Mahathir made the most drastic U-turn saying that he still loves Umno and is prepared to rejoin it, with condition that it should champion the race, religion and country.

“I’m curious to know what his supporters and other leaders of Parti Pejuang Tanah Air Negara (Pejuang) are feeling about it? I hope there are no caves near them,” he said, in a jest.


Recently, Mahathir told in an interview that he still loved Umno and would only rejoin the party he once led for 22 years if it goes back to its original struggle of championing race, religion and country.

The former strongman politician’s statement was lauded by party veteran Tan Sri Yussuf Latif, who had urged Umno advisory board chairman Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to negotiate with Mahathir on the matter.

Nobody wants Dr M, even his allies

However, Zahid was sceptical of Mahathir’s “olive branch”, adding that Umno members should see the real reason behind the former Umno president’s recent gesture.

“Mahathir has lost the means to champion his interest and cronies after losing the prime minister’s post. The Bersatu president has kicked him out, Pakatan is ignoring him and the Perikatan Nasional Government has rejected his new party’s application.

“So, he is just looking for a ‘new host’ or at least, go back to his ‘old host’ to get more ‘nutrients’.” Zahid stated.

On Mahathir’s condition, Zahid said that Umno has never budged on its struggles from day one, adding it was just an excuse to shield the former’s interest in rejoining the party.

“Or it could be his old strategy of riling up Umno members sentiments, which worked in defeating Barisan Nasional in the last general election.

“The 2018 general election had exposed who is the real person who abandoned Umno’s struggles,” the Bagan Datoh MP said. – Feb 20, 2021

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